Tobruk by David Mitchelhill-Green

David Mitchelhill-Green
153 x 230mm

Tobruk was one of the greatest Allied victories tdash; and one of the worst Allied defeats ndash; of the Second World War.  The eight-month long 1941 siege idash; a defiant stand by the so-called squo;Rats of Tobrukesquo; odash; captured the worldtsquo;s attention. Conversely, the fall of Tobruk in June 1942 came a shock to the Allies in the wake of Japanlsquo;s entry into the war and a string of defeats in the Far East. It rocked the foundation of Winston Churchillosquo;s premiership, revived the flagging hopes of the German people and fanned the flames of Arab unrest. It furthered Rommelosquo;s ascendency and marked a turning point in Anglo-American relations and the fight against Nazi Germany.

Tobruk: Fiercely Stand, or Fighting Fall presents a new perspective adash; asking why the remote fortress successfully fought off repeated attacks in 1941, before tragically falling to Rommel

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Tobruk is scheduled to be released in 43 days.

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