Toby Jones And The Timeless Cricket Match

Toby Jones And The Timeless Cricket Match by Michael Panckridge & Brett Lee
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129 x 197 x 12mm

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Kids, cricket, fun ... always the perfect combination.
Brett Lee

It isn't Toby Jones' passion for cricket that makes him unusual ... it's his ability to travel through time, back to the great matches of the past.

Just when Toby thinks his time-travel adventures are over, he has to make another dangerous journey. He must travel to The Oval - the famous English cricket ground - to save his friend Ally, who has been ill since she broke the laws of time travel on her last trip with him.

Toby will have to face the embittered Cricket Lord, Hugo Malchev, and the ruthless Phillip Smale, who has his own agenda as far as time travel is concerned, and doesn't want anyone getting in the way.

And if that isn't enough, Toby is training at the cricket camp at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, hoping to be selected for Australia against England in the junior Ashes. If he doesn't get stuck in the past during his travels. Or worse ...

Another exciting story of time travel and cricket in the Toby Jones series.
Publication Date:
25 / 10 / 2006
129 x 197 x 12mm

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