TOC for Education (Chapter 26 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)

TOC for Education (Chapter 26 of Theory of Constraints Handbook) by Kathy Suerken

By: Kathy Suerken

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This is an individual chapter of Theory of Constraints Handbook. The purpose of this chapter is to convey how the TOC thinking and communication tools are being used to enable students of all ages and cultures to take responsibility for what they learn and how they behave. These logic based tools provide the questions and methodology for learners to systematically derive -- and take ownership of -- answers to problems whether they are in a text book, on the playground or in a stalled improvement plan. Compelling case studies, testimonials and academic research will demonstrate how and why these simple, graphic, and practical tools: aaA Enable students to analyze rather than memorize aaA Address issues of bullying and impulsive behaviors aaA Make learning relevant to everyday life aaA Differentiate instruction for students with disparate levels of knowledge, skills and interest aaA Enable students to learn curriculum and life skills at the same time aaA Are simple enough to be used by kindergartners but profound enough to be used by CEOs
Publication Date:
29 / 04 / 2010

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