Tolley's Industrial & Commercial Gas Installation Practice

Tolley's Industrial & Commercial Gas Installation Practice by Unknown

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This is the third of three volumes of essential reference for those concerned with the installation and servicing of domestic and industrial gas equipment. This volume deals with the various aspects of installing and servicing industrial and commercial appliances and associated equipment. The revised fourth edition is brought fully up to date with current Standards, in line with requirements of the ACS Certificates of Competence and NVQs, and addresses the radical changes seen in the practice of soundness testing and purging of industrial and commercial gas installations in excess of, and below, 1m3, as well as strength and tightness testing and direct purging of small low pressure industrial and commercial natural gas installations. Also addressed in the new edition are important changes to standards for gas installation pipework, boosters and compressors on industrial and commercial premises; gas installation in educational establishments; LPG cylinders in mobile catering vehicles, service vehicles and similar commercial units; as well as flues and ventilation for larger gas appliances. Incorporating many illustrations and worked examples throughout the text, Volume 3 combines a concise reference with practical application in real-world engineering contexts to create an essential handbook for all aspects of the installation and servicing of domestic gas appliances, ideal for both students new to the field as well as professionals and none-operational professionals (e.g. Specifiers, Managers, Supervisors) as an ongoing source of reference.* Comprehensive reference combined with practical application - an essential handbook for gas service technology * Fully updated in line with the latest changes to Standards, NVQs and ACS Certificates of Competence* Hundreds of line drawings and photographs maximise accessibility of the text, enabling readers to easily recognise the appliances under discussion
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22 / 08 / 2006

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