Tomorrow Belongs To Us

Tomorrow Belongs To Us by Larry Collins
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148 x 232mm

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Former CIA agent Jim Duffy, a Near East expert, is urgently recalled from retirement by the Agency. The CIA believes that the Iranians have three nuclear warheads, and that they are financing their pursuit of nuclear capability with vast sums of money coming from heroin trafficking. If Duffy, with his specialist knowledge, can track the flow of drugs money, this might open the door into the Iranian arms procurement programme.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Kair Bollahi is shopping for high-tech equipment. Ostensibly working for the National Iranian Oil Company in London, in reality he is one of the senior members of a secret terrorist organisation. His primary function is to obtain the hardware required for Operation Khalid, a devastating plan to blow up Tel Aviv and take back Palestine for Islam.

When Duffy brings Washington confirmation of Iran's possession of nuclear devices and news of Operation Khalid, the Americans must confront their worst nightmare. It can only be a matter of time before the Iranians reconfigure the weapons and wreak maximum destruction. Can Duffy track down the warheads before it is too late and prevent the nightmare from becoming reality?

An explosive thriller packed with authentic detail, exposing the true and terrifying link between religious fundamentalism, the world drugs trade and the establishment of Iran as a member of the nuclear club. With the West overflowing with cheap heroin and the news media reporting daily on Iran's armament capability, this novel can truly claim to tell the story behind the headlines.
Publication Date:
14 / 04 / 1999
148 x 232mm

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