Tony Buzan's 7-day Brain Boost Pack

Tony Buzan's 7-day Brain Boost Pack by Tony Buzan
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Tony Buzan
Date Released
184 x 259mm
Out Of Print

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If you have a problem remembering names, numbers or even where you parked your car, then Tony Buzan can help. His revolutionary 7-day programme can supercharge your brain power and make your memory razor sharp.

Start off by taking the brain fit quiz to see how you rank on the memory meter. Then - at your own pace - begin the short exercises and questionnaires in the 7-day programme. Some of these brain boosters can be done in as little as 30 seconds!

In just one week, you'll discover your memory noticeably sharper and your mind more agile. Loaded with quizzes and puzzles, tricks to remembering names and faces, as well as a fantastic introduction to mind maps, Tony Buzan's 7-Day Brain Boost is the perfect way to flex your mental muscles.

The pack comes complete with:

* 400pp book loaded with iq exercises, memory teasers, problem-solving techniques, and lateral thinking boosters
* A memory wheel for helping to remember names, numbers, and faces
* A wipe-off board and two wipe-off markers for drawing your own mind maps
Publication Date:
20 / 06 / 2010
184 x 259mm

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