Tourist by Olen Steinhauer
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In the global age of the CIA‚ wherever there's trouble‚ there's a Tourist: the men and women who do the dirty work. They're the Company's best agents - and Milo Weaver was the best of them all.

Following a near-lethal encounter with foreign hitman the 'Tiger'‚ a burnt-out Milo decides to continue his work from behind a desk. Four years later‚ he's no closer to finding the Tiger than he was before. When the elusive assassin unexpectedly gives himself up to Milo‚ it's because he wants something in return: revenge.

Once a Tourist‚ always a Tourist - soon Milo is back in the field‚ tracking down the Tiger's handler in a world of betrayal‚ skewed politics and extreme violence. It's a world he knows well but he's about to learn the toughest lesson of all: trust no one.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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