Trade the Trader, Video Enhanced Edition

Trade the Trader, Video Enhanced Edition by Quint Tatro

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When you trade, youre not just trading companies that deliver goods or services. Youre trading against other traders who care about only one thing: taking your money. Thats the #1 hard reality of trading - and most traders either dont know it, or dont act as if they do. In this book, top trader and hedge fund manager Quint Tatro shows how to win consistently in the "zero sum" game of trading, where theres a loser for every winner. Youll learn how to reflect your trading competition in every facet of trading and investing: choosing companies to invest in, knowing when to jump in and out of the market, and mastering the psychology and gamesmanship of trading. Coverage includes: Understanding the "other side of the trade": the thousands of pros youre trading against. Finding a technical edge with technical analysis you can exploit over and over again. Understanding sentiment and overcoming the human emotions and biases that cost you dearly. Utilizing the most essential strategies of fundamental analysis. Playing positions and probabilities, not P+Ls. Recognizing and capturing huge opportunities in down markets.
Publication Date:
04 / 10 / 2010

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