Cease-and-Desist Demands through Electronic Discovery

 Cease-and-Desist Demands through Electronic Discovery by Mark V.B. Partridge, Phillip Barengolts
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Trademark and copyright litigation has become increasingly complex reflecting the ever increasing share of value represented by brands and creative works. As a result, there is a growing demand for practice-tested advice and commentary related to winning strategies. Trademark and Copyright Litigation: Forms and Analysis by Mark V.B. Partridge and Phillip Barengolts is designed to satisfy that demand by offering the actual and recommended sample documents for federal court trademark and copyright litigation. Presented in chronological order, the forms proceed from the inception of a case through trial and appeal, (i.e., complaint, answer, discovery requests, motions and supporting memoranda, preparation outlines, pretrial orders, witness outlines, appeal documents and briefs). The information is created and collected by Partridge and Barengolts from existing materials obtained from their own practice, as well as from other attorneys and court records. A unique feature of the book will be the use of actual documents from well-known trademark and copyright cases, with commentary on the strengths, and, in some instances, the weaknesses of these particular "real-world" examples.
Publication Date:
26 / 04 / 2011

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