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    The discovery of TRAIL (TNF Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand), also referred to as Apo-2, is in an era of intense research because TRAIL induces many cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death (apoptosis), while having no effect on normal cells. This important protein deserves extensive review at a formative time in the devlopement of our knowledge concerning its mechanism of action and the ways in which it can be used as a cancer chemotherapeutic agent. Consequently, this voume reviews the current status of research on TRAIL.

    Selected Contents:
    * Crystal Structure of RANK Ligand involved in bone metabolism
    * Promoter of TRAIL-R2 Gene
    * Monoclonal Antibodies against TRAIL
    * Modulation of TRAIL signaling complex
    * TRAIL in the airways
    * FLIP Protein and TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis
    * TRAIL and Ceramide
    * TRAIL and Viral Infection
    * TRAIL and Malignant Glioma

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