Train (Your Brain) Like An Olympian

Train (Your Brain) Like An Olympian by Jean Francois Franois Menard & Marie Malchelosse

140 x 216mm

Mental performance coach, Jean François Ménard, shares practical strategies to tackle tough challenges, manage pressure, and help readers achieve their professional and personal goals.Learn how to unleash your full potential at work from one of the world's top mental performance coaches. You will learn how to:

Deal with stressFace difficult moments with a constructive mindsetRemain confident even when feeling vulnerableBe comfortable with the uncomfortableElite athletes need to deal with multiple distractions, manage their stress levels, and have robust self-confidence to deliver podium-worthy performances. These days, it's the same in the workplace. In today's fast-paced, competitive work environments, employees and corporate leaders are asked to do more with less, take on bigger files, and work longer hours. The pressure to perform at your best and be on the mark is always present, and let's face it, being consistently great is easier said than done. Whether your performance realm is the playing field, the office, or the classroom, mental toughness is no longer simply an asset. It's an absolute necessity.

Thriving at work and in life doesn't happen by accident: there are teachable skills that can help you unleash your full potential. Mental performance coach Jean François Ménard will give you exclusive access to techniques and strategies that he uses to help Cirque du Soleil artists, Olympians, and pro athletes become the best in the world.

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