Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds

Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds by Gary Woodill, Alex Heiphetz
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Team Building and Leadership Coaching with Virtual Worlds

New collaborative technologies to keep your company competitive, productive, and efficient

With the business landscape changing every day, companies need training solutions that are not only cost-efficient, but engaging, quantifiable and global. Learn how virtual worlds can help you create training and recruitment programs that attract quality talent, build great teams, and connect a global workforce - all for less than your current training budget. Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds walks you through the available technologies, helps you match virtual tools to your organizational needs, and shows why these programs have already taken off at leading companies.

Learn why leading companies like IBM, TMP Worldwide, Michelin, Intel, Microsoft and others are going virtual:

Revitalize recruitment and new hire orientation to improve employee quality, productivity and retention

Conduct worldwide training in real time, minimizing costs and time

Reduce travel while efficiently managing geographically dispersed teams

Break down dangerous or complex training procedures into manageable simulations

Experts agree that within five years, the 3D Internet will become as important to companies as the Web is today. Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds will put your company ahead of that curve - with great results.

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Publication Date:
15 / 12 / 2009

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