Transfer of Learning by Robert E. Haskell

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Educators and educational psychologists recognize transfer of learning as perhaps the most significant issue in all fields of instruction. Transfer of learning cuts across all educational domains, curricula, and methods. Despite its importance, research and experience clearly show that significant transfer of learning in either the classroom or in everyday life seldom occurs. Simply put, transfer of learning is illustrated by the phrases "It reminds me of..." or "It's like..." or "It's the same as...". This book addresses the fundamental problem of how past or current learning is applied and adapted to similar and/or new situations. Based on a review of the applied educational and cognitive research, as well as on the author's teaching experience with transfer of learning, this book presents a new framework for understanding and achieving transfer of learning. Current education and educational psychology textbooks either lack or lament the lack of research and guidance to educators on promoting transfer of learning. Thus this book is a necessary basis for all instruction and learning. Based on history and research, the book shows that transfer of learning is not just a technique of learning or instruction, but a way of thinking and knowing.The only nonedited educational book about transfer of learningWritten in a plain, easy-to-understand styleIllustrates how transfer of learning can be promoted in the classroom as well as in everyday lifePrescribes 11 principles for achieving transfer of learningDemonstrates how we reason using transfer of learning
Publication Date:
11 / 10 / 2000

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