Translational Research and Clinical Practice: Basic Tools for Medical Decision Making and Self-Learning

By: Stephen C. Aronoff

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Translational Research and Clinical Practice offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to evidence-based medicine. The use of medical literature has always been an integral tool for patient care, yet recently the modern processes of question formulation, literature search, and study evaluation have changed with the advent of the internet and technology. The physician must be able to find empirical evidence from the appropriate study using a searchable question and then determine its impact on patient care. The book provides the general framework for such medical decision making; it covers all kinds of cases and strategies, including questions of diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, differential diagnosis, clinical presentation, and causality. The tested material and approaches in this book are based on a course developed and taught by the author at Temple University School of Medicine. Organized for ease of use, accessibly written, and replete with clinically germane examples, Translational Research and Clinical Practice is a concise guide for medical students and clinicians seeking to effectively interpret and apply medical evidence in daily practice.
Publication Date:
20 / 10 / 2010

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