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    Traveller's Guide to the Solar System

    By: Giles Sparrow

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    This virtual travel guide will take you to the outer extremes of the solar system to see it as never before.

    You want to go to Mars? This book tells you exactly how long it will take you to get there, what essentials you should pack, and the tourist highlights you should explore when you get there.

    The Solar System is packed with exotic tourist destinations: you can visit the historic Apollo 11 landing site and have your photo taken with Neil Armstrong's footprint; discover giant volcanoes, breathtaking mountains, frozen lava rivers, and the decayed remains of early Soviet space probes.

    So now you can find out what it would really be like to visit the plants, whether you could be skiing on polar ice caps or discovering giant volcanoes. And you can find out all about the processes and events that have shaped them.

    Through a combination of the latest space probe photography and scientifically accurate computer reconstructions, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster journey across the solar system, from the Earth's own natural wonders to the icy depths of the Oort Cloud.

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