Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care

Treatment Planning for Person-Centered Care by Diane M. Grieder

By: Diane M. Grieder


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Requirements for treatment planning in the mental health and addictions fields are long standing and embedded in the treatment system. However, most clinicians find it a challenge to develop an effective, person-centered treatment plan. Such a plan is required for reimbursement, regulatory, accreditation and managed care purposes. Without a thoughtful assessment and well-written plan, programs and private clinicians are subject to financial penalties, poor licensing/accreditation reviews, less than stellar audits, etc. In addition, research is beginning to demonstrate that a well-developed person-centered care plan can lead to better outcomes for persons served.* Enhance the reader's understanding of the value and role of treatment planning in responding to the needs of adults, children and families with mental health and substance abuse treatment needs* Build the skills necessary to provide quality, person-centered, culturally competent and recovery / resiliency-orientated care in a changing service delivery system* Provide readers with sample documents, examples of how to write a plan, etc.* Provide a text and educational tool for course work and training as well as a reference for established practioners* Assist mental health and addictive disorders providers / programs in meeting external requirements, improve the quality of services and outcomes, and maintain optimum reimbursement
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2004

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