Trenchless Technology: Planning, Equipment, and Methods

Trenchless Technology: Planning, Equipment, and Methods by Mohammad Najafi

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The complete guide to trenchless technology project management, planning, costs, and methods

Written by an expert in the field of pipeline system engineering, this book describes how to plan, schedule, and implement efficient, cost-effective trenchless technology piping projects. Filled with detailed illustrations and real-world examples, Trenchless Technology: Planning, Equipment, and Methods explains how to accurately compare the costs of trenchless projects, considering geotechnical and rock mass impacts, drilling fluids, and locating and tracking equipment.

This in-depth reference provides important information on how to estimate the cost of labor and equipment and schedule trenchless piping projects. A wide range of trenchless technology methods suitable for various ground and project conditions are discussed in this practical resource.

Coverage includes:

Cost comparison of trenchless technology methods

Planning for trenchless technology projects

Project delivery methods

Geotechnical considerations

Rock mass properties impacts on trenchless project feasibility

Tracking, locating, and planning tools for horizontal directional drilling

Drilling and lubricating fluids

Planning and construction requirements for horizontal direction drilling

Horizontal auger boring

Pipe ramming

Microtunneling methods

Pilot tube (or pilot tube microtunneling) method

Pipe/box jacking and utility tunneling

Cured-in-place-pipe method


Lateral renewal

Localized repair

Planning and construction requirements for pipe bursting

Panel linings

Spray-in-place pipe
Publication Date:
06 / 12 / 2012

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