Tristan Betrayal Something Fishy - CD

Tristan Betrayal / Something Fishy - CD by Robert Ludlum & Shane Maloney
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140 x 125mm
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8 CD's
Read by Paul Michael and Tiriel Mora.

'The Tristan Betrayal': In the fall of 1940, the Nazis are at the height of their power. Stephen Metcalfe, the younger son of a prominent American family, is living the high life in occupied Paris. He is also a minor asset in the US's secret intelligence forces in Europe, cavalierly playing the Great Game like so many socially connected young men before him. But suddenly the game becomes serious and Metcalfe is left in war-torn Europe without a contract, orders, or a contingency plan. It falls to Metcalfe to instigate a bold plan that may be the only hope for the dwindling remains of the free world.

'Something Fishy': Even in the political wilderness, hope springs eternal for the Hon. Murray Whelan MP. He has found true love with the auburn-haired Lyndal Luscombe. And she has in her bag an ultrasound photo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Murray. But before long Murray's world is on its head and he is on the trail of a killer. Burnt out, he and his son head for a break at the beach but there's something else in the air apart from salt and hot chips. It's the unmistakable whiff of something fishy.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2004
140 x 125mm

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