Triumph of Israels Radical Right

Triumph of Israels Radical Right by Ami Pedahzur

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Two decades ago, the idea that a radical right could capture and drive Israeli politics seemed improbable. While it was a boisterous faction and received heavy media coverage, it constituted a fringe element. Yet by 2009, Israels radical right had not only entrenched itself in mainstream Israeli politics, it was dictating policy in a wide range of areas. Quite simply, if we want to understand the seemingly intractable situation in Israel today, we need a comprehensive account of the radical right. In The Triumph of Israels Radical Right, acclaimed scholar Ami Pedahzur provides an invaluable and authoritative analysis of its ascendance to the heights of Israeli politics. After analyzing what, exactly they believe in, he explains how mainstream Israeli policies like the law of return have nurtued their nativism and authoritarian tendencies. He then traces the rights steady expansion and mutation, from the early days of the stateto these days. Throughout, he focuses on the radical rights institutional networks and how the movement has been able to expand its influence over policy making process. His closing chapter is grim yet realistic: he contends that a two state solution is no longer viable and that the vision of the radical rabbi Meir Kahane, who was a fringe figure while alive, has triumphed.
Publication Date:
15 / 10 / 2012

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