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    By: Katherine Langrish

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    Set in Viking Scandinavia, the sequel to the highly acclaimed Troll Fell is every bit as exciting, dramatic and atmospheric as the first book.

    Troll Mill follows Peer's adventures as he struggles to get the mill working again. At Troll Mill, however, you never know what kind of sneaky creatures are lurking in the shadows, waiting to jump out at you . . .

    Troll Mill follows Peer Ulfsson, his dog Loki, Hilde and their friends and family three years on from where we left them in Troll Fell.

    Returning from a day's fishing with his friend Bjorn, and with a violent storm brewing, Peer is shocked when Bjorn's wife, Kersten, rushes past, thrusts her young baby into Peer's arms and throws herself into the sea. What kind of creature would do this . . . and will Kersten ever return?

    Ages 9+

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