True to Our Feelings: What Our Emotions Are Really Telling Us

True to Our Feelings: What Our Emotions Are Really Telling Us by Robert C. Solomon

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We live our lives through our emotions, writes Robert Solomon, and it is our emotions that give our lives meaning. What interests or fascinates us, who we love, what angers us, what moves us, what bores us--all of this defines us, gives us character, constitutes who we are. In True to Our Feelings, Solomon illuminates the rich life of the emotions--why we dont really understand them, what they really are, and how they make us human and give meaning to life. Solomon provides a guide to cutting-edge scientific research, as well as to what philosophers and psychologists have said on the subject, but he also emphasizes the personal and ethical character of our emotions. He shows that emotions are not something that happen to us, nor are they irrational in the literal sense--rather, they are judgments we make about the world, and they are strategies for living in it. Fear, anger, love, guilt, jealousy, compassion--they are all essential to our values, to living happily, healthily, and well.
Publication Date:
05 / 09 / 2008

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