Trusted Platform Module Basics

By: Steven L. Kinney

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* Clear, practical tutorial style text with real-world applications * First book on TPM for embedded designers * Provides a sound foundation on the TPM, helping designers take advantage of hardware security based on sound TCG standards* Covers all the TPM basics, discussing in detail the TPM Key Hierarchy and the Trusted Platform Module specification* Presents a methodology to enable designers and developers to successfully integrate the TPM into an embedded design and verify the TPM's operation on a specific platform* Includes an accompanying CD-ROM that contains the full source code, which can be customized and used in embedded designs-an extremely useful tool and timesaver for embedded developers!* This sound foundation on the TPM provides clear, practical tutorials with detailed real-world application examples* The author is reknowned for training embedded systems developers to successfully implement the TPM worldwide* CD-ROM includes source code which can be customized for different embedded applications
Publication Date:
13 / 09 / 2006

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