Twelve Times Blessed - Cassette

Twelve Times Blessed - Cassette by Jacquelyn Mitchard
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180 x 110mm
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From the bestselling author of 'The Deep End Of The Ocean' comes a portrait of three people struggling to fit the definition of a family.

True Dickenson has been widowed for eight years. In her lovely house by the shore on Cape Cod, she and her 10-year-old son Guy have also created their own little community of two. True has her work - a hugely successful small business - her close friends and, for better or worse, her mother.

As her friends gather around her on her birthday, which just happens to fall on Valentine's Day, True realises that everyone in the world seems coupled up but her. Her assistant has become engaged to an archaeologist and intends to live life out of a suitcase; her other assistant is moving to San Francisco with his partner. Her stable life seems suddenly vulnerable. And it is this very evening that True meets a man who will turn her little world upside down.

Hank Bannister has always appreciated older women. When he strikes up a conversation with True, he is immediately attracted by her beauty, her humour and most of all, her composure. Never mind the 10-year difference in their ages. But 10 years seems like an eternity to True - or at least a generation.

Throwing caution to the wind, True enters into a whirlwind courtship that begins a year of transformation which will leave True a deeply changed person by the time her next birthday rolls around.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2003
180 x 110mm

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