Twins: A Novel

Twins: A Novel by Marcy Dermansky
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135 x 210mm
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On the eve of their thirteenth birthday, identical twins Chloe and Sue agree to get matching tattoos to prove their bond is stronger than DNA. So begins 'Twins', Marcy Dermansky's comic and disturbingly honest debut novel, the extraordinary story of two blond, beautiful, and tormented twin sisters trying to survive adolescence - and each other.

Told in alternating voices, 'Twins' introduces two new unforgettable heroines on the verge. The obsessively defiant Sue, four minutes younger, resents and idolizes her seemingly perfect twin, Chloe. All Chloe wants, however, is to please her sister and - only if Sue will allow it - find a friend of her own. Neglected by their wealthy parents and cynical older brother, burdened by a loving dog they can't properly care for, and bewildered by a complex social universe they somehow don't fit into, Chloe and Sue are left to fend for themselves.

Over the course of five years, Chloe and Sue overcome breakups, unhappy Hawaiian vacations, unicycle lessons, eating disorders, pill abuse, and their first painful explorations of love and sex. They desperately seek comfort in unusual places, choosing often inappropriate friends and lovers, including the daring Lisa Markman, an aspiring fashion model; her famous father, a professional basketball player; James, a good-natured slacker; and a young Indian writer named Smita.

Navigating this hilarious and heartbreaking world, the girls must overcome apathy and despair to return to each other.

Funny, affecting, and told with raw understanding, 'Twins' brings us into the wounded hearts of audacious teenagers, where the line between hatred and love is blurred and where everyone - including the family pet - is vulnerable to devotion.

Marcy Dermansky's heart-stopping debut displays comedy and redemption in the face of suburban despair.
Publication Date:
30 / 11 / 2005
135 x 210mm

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