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    By: Barefoot Doctor

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    This will either heal you or make you insane . . .

    This book is a unique and exciting fusion of narrative fable and traditional barefoot advice. The Barefoot Doctor's followers appreciate his original concept and approach and this fable will further satisfy his readers by breaking out again with this sub-genre of self-help.

    Sometimes we are unable to navigate a clear direction on the path to life. This collection of fables can help direct you towards the path of inner peace, positivity and contentment. An excellent spiritual guide - 'Twisted Fables' is a thought provoking, inspiring mixture of tales that instead of imparting some trite platitude, each tale tends to include an improbably named character facing some life changing situation involving drugs, sex, incredible coincidences or
    a debauched hodge-podge of all three.

    The character is visited by an angel (barefoot doctor), who dispenses sound spiritual advice, preaches acceptance and tolerance, reaffirms the temporary nature of existence and the wholly oneness of the Tao, and imparts instructions in motivational technique or Taoist exercise, which seem to genuinely work.

    A self help, guaranteed crash course for the chemical generation.

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