Ubuntu: The Complete Reference

Ubuntu: The Complete Reference by Richard Petersen
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The Definitive Guide to Ubuntu--Covers Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Maximize the powerful features of Ubuntu with expert guidance, tips, and techniques from bestselling Linux author Richard Petersen. Packed with clear explanations and detailed examples, this comprehensive volume shows you how to get off the ground with Ubuntu, set up hardware and Internet connections, and use the latest system and network administration utilities.

Ubuntu: The Complete Reference covers the desktops, shells, and administration tools for users, printers, services, and networks. Get full details on the latest Ubuntu-compatible office, mail, Web, and multimedia software, along with remote access (Vinagre), virtualization (KVM and Xen) and service managment (Upstart).You'll also learn how to interoperate with Windows networks and deploy reliable security using PolicyKit, Seahorse, AppArmor, SELinux, netfilter, and the Secure Shell.

Install Ubuntu using Live CDs, the Install DVD, or Wubi Windows virtual disk

Configure printers, devices, and network connections

Access Linux using GNOME, KDE, KDE4, and XFce desktops

Manage software with Synaptic Package Manager and APT

Work with the BASH shell command, configuration, and file management capabilities

Use office, Web (Firefox 3), mail, and multimedia applications (PulseAudio)

Manage file systems including RAID and LVM

Secure Ubuntu using PolicyKit authentication, Seahorse encryption, SSH and Kerberos security, AppArmor access controls, and Firestarter and UFW firewalls

Use SAMBA and NFS to share network resources
Publication Date:
07 / 08 / 2008

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