Under My Skin

Under My Skin by Alison Jameson

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Hope and Larry marry on a whim. They are twenty-two and crazy for each other. What Larry doesn't know is that behind her bohemian spirit and off-beat humour, Hope hides a secret. What Hope doesn't know is that secrets tear people apart ... The only person Hope confides in is New Yorker Matilda, an internet friend who says the right things and Hope has grown to trust. After she and Larry break up, Hope knows Matilda will be there for her no matter what.Hope never really gives up on Larry and when she hears he has disappeared in New York, she drops everything and goes to look for him. And, despairing at ever finding him, she turns to Matilda.But Matilda online and Matilda in real life are two very different people. And Hope is about to find out that what you hide about yourself – from friends and from lovers - can have unforeseen consequences ...
Publication Date:
28 / 02 / 2008

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