Understanding Cross-Cultural Management

Understanding Cross-Cultural Management by Marie-Joelle Browaeys, Roger Price
By: Marie-Joelle Browaeys, Roger Price
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Managing effectively across national and cultural boundaries is critical to the success of todays organizations, given the global environment of business and increasing diversity of workforces. A keen awareness and a high degree of cross-cultural competence in management are therefore key to the career success of both present and aspiring managers/professionals.Understanding Cross-Cultural Management explores the key themes and issues in one of the most challenging and fascinating areas of organizational life, and enables you to sharpen your insights and practical skills. It offers a selective but broad view of classic and contemporary thinking on cultural management and encourages you to apply theories and ideas to practice - and to relate them to your own experience - through various examples and cases from the business world, and a range of practical activities.
Publication Date:
21 / 07 / 2011

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