Understanding the Medical Diagnosis of Child Maltreatment: A Guide for Nonmedical Professionals

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The latest resource from the American Humane Association, this practical guide answers frequently asked questions about the medical aspects of child abuse and neglect. Designed for the nonmedical professional unfamiliar with medical terminology, the third edition of a classic translates injuries into clear language for child protective services workers working with medical providers. Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest research on child abuse and neglect, this edition covers burns, fractures, poisoning, sexual abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and family violence. Chapters also highlight the tensions between CPS workers and medical providers, the importance of understanding differential diagnoses, and techniques to ensure culturally responsive practice. A wealth of charts, illustrations, checklists, and resources make this an accessible reference for any nonmedical professional working with children and families. Designed as a training tool as well as a thorough reference, a companion website contains additional materials for supervisors and staff, including photographs, protocols, memoranda of understanding, and useful links.
Publication Date:
20 / 10 / 2005

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