UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition by Douglas Host, Richard Rosinski
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The Definitive UNIX Resource--Fully UpdatedGet cutting-edge coverage of the newest releases of UNIX--including Solaris 10, all Linux distributions, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD--from this thoroughly revised, one-stop resource for users at all experience levels. Written by UNIX experts with many years of experience starting with Bell Laboratories, UNIX: The Complete Reference, Second Edition provides step-by-step instructions on how to use UNIX and take advantage of its powerful tools and utilities.

Get up-and-running on UNIX quickly, use the command shell and desktop, and access the Internet and e-mail. You'll also learn to administer systems and networks, develop applications, and secure your UNIX environment. Up-to-date chapters on UNIX desktops, Samba, Python, Java Apache, and UNIX Web development are included.

Install, configure, and maintain UNIX on your PC or workstation

Work with files, directories, commands, and the UNIX shell

Create and modify text files using powerful text editors

Use UNIX desktops, including GNOME, CDE, and KDE, as an end user or system administrator

Use and manage e-mail, TCP/IP networking, and Internet services

Protect and maintain the security of your UNIX system and network

Share devices, printers, and files between Windows and UNIX systems

Use powerful UNIX tools, including awk, sed, and grep

Develop your own shell, Python, and Perl scripts, and Java, C, and C++ programs under UNIX

Set up Apache Web servers and develop browser-independent Web sites and applications
Publication Date:
19 / 12 / 2006

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