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They come to Washington for varied and complex reasons-driven perhaps by some deep emotional commitment to an issue, or believing that their time in Congress can make their dream of the presidency a reality. No matter what their motivation or particular route, freshmen have three traits in common: they will be members of one of the most powerful deliberative bodies on the planet; they will have far less leverage and influence than they might have imagined; and finally, none of them-not even the most experienced political hand-will have any idea exactly what will take to succeed as a United States Senator. In The Upper House, political analyst Terrence Samuel journeys inside the legislative arm of the government to discover what makes a modern senator. He gets to the heart of the Senate and follows the people-Harry Reid, Jim Webb, Amy Klobuchar, Jon Tester, Chuck Schumer, Bob Corker-and the institution through displays of dazzling power, bewildering helplessness, and sacred traditions both ancient and modern.
Publication Date:
25 / 05 / 2010

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