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Essential reading for students and practitioners of urban design, this collection of essays introduces the 6 dimensions of urban design through a range of the most important classic and contemporary key texts. Urban design as a form of place making has become an increasingly significant area of academic endeavour, of public policy and professional practice. Compiled by the authors of the best selling Public Places Urban Spaces, this indispensable guide includes all the crucial definitions and various understandings of the subject, as well as a practical look at how to implement urban design that readers will need to refer to time and time again. Uniquely, the selections of essays that include the works of Gehl, Jacobs, and Cullen, are presented substantially in their original form, and the truly accessible dip-in-and-out format will enable readers to form a deeper, practical understanding of urban design.*A compulsory element of all architecture courses, this in an ideal introduction to the classic theories*Brings together, in one place, the key texts that provide the foundations of this increasingly significant discipline*Includes a range of writing from the 1960's to contemporary work, ensuring a complete coverage of the development of the subject
Publication Date:
07 / 02 / 2007

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