UX Best Practices How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience

UX Best Practices How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience by Helmut Degen, XiaoWei Yuan

By: Helmut Degen, XiaoWei Yuan

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Evolve to a user-centered product development philosophy

Deliver superior products and escalate your market share by employing real-world user experience success strategies from global corporations. Featuring in-depth case studies from Yahoo!, Siemens, SAP, Haier, Intuit, Tencent, and more, UX Best Practices: How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience offers proven methods for instituting user-centered design in industrial environments.

Discover how to integrate user experience activities into product development processes for investment and consumer goods in different regions, reduce product complexity, increase product quality, and boost the bottom line. This comprehensive guide covers a variety of user experience techniques, such as analyzing user needs and expectations, creating design concepts, prototyping, using agile development, conducting usability testing, developing user interface guidelines, defining user interface patterns, and specifying metrics.

Communicate objectives and user requirements in design briefs

Establish end-to-end UX-centered development policies

Foster collaboration between managers, designers, and engineers

Integrate user experience metrics into business target frameworks and the product development process

Employ agile development and design thinking methods

Collect, measure, and analyze usability data

Employ a User Experience Evaluation System to identify problems

Convey and assess design ideas quickly using prototypes

Achieve consistency across products with UI patterns and libraries
Publication Date:
14 / 12 / 2011

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