Valkyrie Song

Valkyrie Song by Craig Russell
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Jan Fabel is a troubled man. His relationships with the women in his life – his mother, daughter, ex-wife, girlfriend – are becoming increasingly complicated. His professional life as head of the Hamburg murder squad is equally trying: he is attempting to resolve a case involving a female nurse who had been murdering elderly patients.

Then a Senator in Hamburg’s regional parliament is found dead in his expensive Rotherbaum villa. It is assumed that he has died in a bizarre sex game. Afterwards, a prominent Hamburg businessman is discovered in similar circumstances, his neck broken.

A third murder in Hamburg of a detective from the Copenhagen murder squad reveals that there is no random factor in any of these cases.

But Fabel has no immediate clue that he is dealing with the Valkyrie. A terrifyingly efficient professional killer. The ultimate Avenging Angel.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2009

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