Value-Added Selling: How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value, Not Price 3 e

By: Tom Reilly

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Your customers have come a long way since Value-Added Selling was published twenty-five years ago. More knowledgeable, proactive, and price conscious, they regularly scour the Internet for low prices and have come to expect much more for each dollar they spend.

Now, Tom Reilly has updated his sales classic to address a marketplace where slashing deals has become the standard response to buyers’ addictions to bargain-basement prices. Used to great success for more than two decades and through every type of economy, Reilly’s pioneering value-added sales method operates according to two simple rules: Add value, not cost; sell value, not price. It’s the only way to protect your profit margins with today’s customers.

Value-Added Selling provides the strategies and tactics you need to not only close more sales but to improve repeat business by understanding buyers’ needs from their perspective— and defining “value” accordingly. Reilly then helps you:

Build a master plan that clearly directs your selling efforts

Create sales tools that help you communicate your value

Develop and execute effective value-added sales calls

Connect with and sell to decision makers at the highest levels

Increase customer retention by continuously creating new value

There’s nothing stopping you from joining the armies of salespeople who choose to compete on price. You can always lower your price and land a few sales. But at what cost? If you want to sell more products or services, more profi tably, to more people, you must resist this temptation and begin focusing on value.

Use Value-Added Selling to consistently deliver meaningful value to your customers, compete at a higher level than your competition, and protect your profi ts in any kind of economy.
Publication Date:
12 / 04 / 2010

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