Vegetable Bible: The Definitive Guide

Vegetable Bible: The Definitive Guide by Sophie Grigson
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189 x 246mm

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With more access to quality vegetables than ever before through organic boxes‚ farmers' markets and a greater range in supermarkets‚ more and more of us are moving vegetables centre-stage in our cooking. Sophie Grigson shows that whether we eat fish and meat‚ or are a vegetarian‚ vegetables are no longer just an accompaniment.
Organised according to vegetable type‚ The Vegetable Bible is packed with information and personal anecdotes from Sophie - from her tips on how to buy Jerusalem artichokes to her passion for hard-to-find chervil root - together with advice on how to buy‚ prepare and cook each type of vegetable‚ including identifying those less familiar specimens‚ such as celeriac or scorzonera‚ that may arrive in your veg box.

A range of recipes showcase each particular vegetable‚ from Wild Garlic and New Potato Risotto to Japanese Cucumber Salad to Crisp Slow-Roast Duck with Turnips. Recipes encompass the familiar as well as the more innovative‚ with both vegetarian‚ meat and fish dishes fully represented‚ ranging from soups and starters to full-blown main courses. This definitive book is a great read as well as a recipe source book that is deserving of a place on every cook's shelf.

* ROOTS - from Jerusalem artichokes to yams‚ including potatoes and carrots
* SHOOTS AND STEMS - from asparagus to fennel
* FRUIT - from aubergine to tomatoes
* SQUASHES - from cucumber to winter squashes
* PEAS AND PODS - from bean sprouts to peas
* ONION FAMILY - from leeks to onions
* FLOWERS AND BRASSICAS - from globe artichokes to cauliflower
* GREEN AND LEAFY - from pak choi to spring greens
* SALAD LEAVES - from watercress to purslane
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2009
189 x 246mm

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