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    By: Frances Hardinge

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    From an award-winning author, another breathtakingly original modern classic in the making.

    Verdigris (n): a blue-green rust that tarnishes ageing and forgotten copper coins, altering them entirely...

    When Ryan and his friends are caught stranded and penniless late one night, they steal some coins from a well for their bus fare home. Soon after, strange things begin to happen. Peculiar marks tingle on Ryan's knuckles, light bulbs mysteriously explode and a terrified Chelle starts speaking words that aren't her own.

    Then the well witch appears, with her fountains for eyes and gargled demands. From now on, the friends must serve her... And the wishes that lie rotting at the bottom of her well.

    In the tradition of truly fantastic storytelling, 'Verdigris Deep' is darkly witty, utterly unexpected and shiver-down-the-spine sinister.

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