Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands

Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands by Alexandros Stefanakis

By: Alexandros Stefanakis

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Vertical flow constructed wetlands for wastewater and sludge treatment represent a relatively new and still growing technology. Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands is the first book to present the state-of-the-art knowledge regarding vertical flow constructed wetlands theory and applications. In this book, you will learn about vertical flow systems with information about application and performance. Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands also includes information on how different countries are applying the technology, with design guidelines to illustrate best practices worldwide. A focus on water conservation through reuse of treated water showcases the benefit of vertical flow construction, which has greatly increased the attractiveness of the technology in recent years.All state-of-the-art knowledge regarding vertical flow constructed wetlands gathered in one bookA review of various constructed wetland approaches, including information about applications and performance, helps clarify what is currently known about constructed wetland principles and designDiscussion of how to manage the treated wastewater leaving the vertical flow for increasing biodiversity, providing food and habitat for birds, and producing harvestable biomass or cropsIncludes case studies of constructed wetlands in developing countries
Publication Date:
26 / 06 / 2014

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