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    Vineyard Prey: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery

    By: Philip R. Craig

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    Ex-Boston cop J.W. Jackson returns with a bang in Craig's sixteenth Martha's Vineyard mystery, as an international killer sets his sights on J.W. and his family.

    Good food, good books, a fine radio, and a black and white television - what more could a happy family want? But the outside world has a way of intruding, even in a remote place like Martha's Vineyard, where J.W. Jackson, wife Zee, and their two children are staying for the winter.

    Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is fast approaching when J.W.'s old Vietnam buddy, Joe Begay, asks J.W. to meet him on Cape Cod and help sneak him back to his home on the Vineyard. J.W. knows something is wrong, as Joe is not new to danger. Indeed, a killer, known as the Easter Bunny, may be coming after Joe. Is there more to the story than Begay is telling? J.W. will do almost anything for his friend, except put his family in jeopardy. When J.W. becomes a target trapped in his own house, he knows things have gone much too far. With its unusual winter setting and stellar ensemble cast, this is a winning addition to this much-loved series.

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