Violence Assessment and Intervention

Violence Assessment and Intervention by CPP James S. Cawood

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If you are responsible for people, they want and expect you to keep them safe on a regular basis. Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook shows you the most effective way to take the initial data and make quick decisions about whether the situation requires an immediate response with full resources or a less intense response. It gives you easy access to the information you need not only to handle emergency situations, but also to prevent them. The principle focus of this book is not sociological theory, or even clinical assessment, but practical intervention, monitoring, and control of violence. It presents techniques for use in any situation, whether you are a mental health professional doing phone intake from a victim of domestic violence, a corporate human resource or security person getting a call about an incident that just occurred, or a law enforcement officer encountering a potential suicide. Using flow charts and step-by-step instructions developed while handling thousands of cases, the authors give practical advice on how to recognize the signals of potential violence by individuals, identify probable victims, and assess escalation of the threat. Written specifically for the practitioner, this book provides practical, effective methods of violence assessment and intervention. During this time of increasing concern about security, threat assessment, and profiling for violence prediction, Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's Handbook gives you the tools to decrease the chances of violence and increase safety in your organization.
Publication Date:
27 / 06 / 2003

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