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    Violet & Claire

    By: Francesca Lia Block

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    A Novel.

    This is how my movie begins . . .

    Fade in:
    Two girls racing through space, like shadow and light. One a purple-black butterfly; the other a white moth. Photo negatives, together they make the perfect image of a girl.

    Close up:
    Violet: the dark one, dressed in forever black, dreaming in Technicolour, longs to spin the world into her own silver screen creation.
    Claire: a real-life Tinker Bell, radiating love and light, dressed in wings of gauze and glitter, writing poetry to keep away the darkness that surrounds her.

    Cut to:
    LA - a city as beautiful as it is dangerous, where flowers and sunsets glow lush but poisonous, and where dreams are sometimes etched in blood. Within this landscape of poetry and pain, Violet and Claire vow to make their own movie. Together they will show the world the way they want it to be, and maybe then the world will turn into that place - a place where people no longer hate or fight or want or hurt. But when desire and ambition rip the photo-negative friendship apart, threatening everything with a fade to permanent black, only one thing is strong enough to make two halves whole again - the force of love.

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