Virtualization with Xen(tm): Including XenEnterprise, XenServer, and XenExpress

Virtualization with Xen(tm): Including XenEnterprise, XenServer, and XenExpress by David E. Williams

By: David E. Williams


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Complete Coverage of Xen, Including Version 3.2Virtualization with Xen is the first book to demonstrate to readers how to install, administer, and maintain a virtual infrastructure based on XenSource's latest release, Xen 3.2. It discusses best practices for setting up a Xen environment correctly the first time, maximizing the utilization of server assets while taking advantage of the fastest and most secure enterprise-grade paravirtualization architecture. It covers both basic and advanced topics, such as planning and installation, physical-to-virtual migrations, virtual machine provisioning, resource management, and monitoring and troubleshooting guests and Xen hosts.* Explore Xen's Virtualization ModelFind a complete overview of the architecture model as well of all products: Xen 3.0 , Xen Express, XenServer, and Xen Enterprise.* Deploy XenUnderstand the system requirements, learn installation methods, and see how to install Xen on a free Linux distribution.* Master the Administrator ConsoleLearn how to use the command-line tools and the remote Java-based consoler that manages the configuration and operations of XenServer hosts and VMs.* Manage Xen with Third-Party ToolsUse products like openQRM, Enomalism, and Project ConVirt to manage the VMM.* Deploy a Virtual Machine in XenLearn about workload planning and installing modified guests, unmodified guests, and Windows guests.* Explore Advanced Xen ConceptsBuild a Xen Cluster, complete a XenVM migration, and discover XenVM backup and recovery solutions.* See the Future of VirtualizationSee the unofficial Xen road map and what virtual infrastructure holds for tomorrow's data center.* See Other Virtualization Technologies and How They Compare with XenTake a look at the different types of server virtualization, other virtual machine software available, and how they compare with Xen.Xen has the lead in the open-source community; now distributed as a standard kernel package for Novell's SLES 10 and Red Hat's RHEL 5 and Fedora Core 6 Linux distributionsCovers installation, administration, management, monitoring, and deployment planning and strategies
Publication Date:
03 / 07 / 2007

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