Vision and Motor Control

Vision and Motor Control by Unknown
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Since the classic studies of Woodworth (1899), the role ofvision in the control of movement has been an importantresearch topic in experimental psychology. While many earlystudies were concerned with the relative importance of visionand kinesthesis and/or the time it takes to use visualinformation, recent theoretical and technical developmentshave stimulated scientists to ask questions about howdifferent sources of visual information contribute to motorcontrol in different contexts.In this volume, articles arepresented that provide a broad coverage of the currentresearch and theory on vision and human motor learning andcontrol. Many of the contributors are colleagues that have metover the years at the meetings and conferences concerned withhuman movement. They represent a wide range of affiliation andbackground including kinesiology, physical education,neurophysiology, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.Thus the topic of vision and motor control is addressed from anumber of different perspectives. In general, each author setsan empirical and theoretical framework for their topic, andthen discusses current work from their own laboratory, and howit fits into the larger context. A synthesis chapter at the end of the volume identifies commonalities in the work and suggests directions for future experimentation.
Publication Date:
20 / 02 / 1992

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