Vitamins by Jr. Gerald F. Combs

By: Jr. Gerald F. Combs

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The third edition of this bestselling text will again provide the latest coverage of the biochemistry and physiology of vitamins and vitamin-like substances. Extensively revised and expanded on the basis of recent research findings with enlarged coverage of health effects of vitamin-like factors, it is ideally suited for students and an important reference for anyone interested in nutrition, food science, animal science or endocrinology. It contains a cohesive and well-organized presentation of each of the vitamins, as well as the history of their discoveries and current information about their roles in nutrition and health.NEW TO THIS EDITION:*Includes approximately 30% new material*Substantial updates have been made to chapters on vitamins A, C, E, K, folate, and the quasi-vitamins*Provides checklists of systems affected by vitamin deficiencies and food sources of vitamins*Key concepts, learning objectives, vocabulary,case studies, study questions and additional reading lists are included making this ideally suited for students* Thoroughly updated with important recent research results, including citations to key reports, many added tables and several new figures. *Addition of Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES III) data*Updated Dietary Reference Values
Publication Date:
30 / 10 / 2007

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