VoIP Performance Management and Optimization

VoIP Performance Management and Optimization by Adeel Ahmed & Habib Madani
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The definitive reference for managing and optimizing VoIP networks - direct from three world-class Cisco VoIP experts.

* Identifies the most common performance management issues typically encountered in today's VoIP networks.
* Thoroughly explains each leading VoIP deployment model, and their performance related tradeoffs and challenges.
* Includes real-world case studies on VoIP network performance management.
* Analyzes both reactive and proactive approaches to VoIP network troubleshooting.

VoIP Performance Management and Optimization is the definitive guide for every network engineer, architect, and operations professional who must manage and optimize VoIP networks. The authors bring together state-of-the-art techniques for proactively monitoring and troubleshooting voice-related problems in large networks and for ensuring that customer service level agreements (SLAs) are consistently met or exceeded. In Part I, the authors review the most common performance-related problems faced by Cisco customers who have deployed VoIP in their networks. They introduce generic network and performance management concepts, as well as the fundamental techniques of SLA management in VoIP networks. In Part II, they introduce today's leading VoIP deployment models, identifying the inherent problems and design challenges posed by each. In Part III, they present a comprehensive approach to diagnosing problems in VoIP networks using key performance indicators (KPI) and proactively addressing those problems before they impact service. They also introduce a tools-based strategy for gauging the health of VoIP networks and improving network performance by analyzing and correlating performance counters, call detail records, Call Agent trace logs, and more. This section includes a full chapter on performing trend analysis and using the results for capacity planning and traffic engineering leading to overall VoIP system optimization.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2010

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