Vox Compact Spanish and English Dictionary, Third Edition (Paperback)

Vox Compact Spanish and English Dictionary, Third Edition (Paperback) by Vox
By: Vox
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Vox Compact Spanish and English Dictionary has helped speakers of Spanish and of English around the world find the right word quickly and easily. From offices in Orlando to living rooms in London and school rooms in San Juan, this comprehensive Spanish/English dictionary is the preferred choice for millions of people--in class, at home or work, or on the go.

Here you'll find:

An up-to-date word list that gives special emphasis to everyday language, along with current technical, scientific, Internet, and environmental terms

Approximately 85,000 headwords, phrases, and examples

Irregular verb forms--in both Spanish and English--presented in convenient tables

Complete grammar overviews of both Spanish and English

English pronunciation indicated in the International Phonetic Alphabet

Useful appendices that add to the dictionary's value as an all-purpose reference
Publication Date:
13 / 01 / 2008

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