Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
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130 x 194mm

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'Red Mars' is the first volume in Kim Stanley Robinson's monumental trilogy which continues with 'Green Mars' and 'Blue Mars'. The 'Mars' trilogy is the product of years of dedicated research, and the author's fascination with the Red Planet. The result is a timeless masterpiece, the ultimate in future history.

In 2027 one hundred of Earth's finest engineers and scientists make the first mass-landing on Mars. John Boone, American hero, the ambitious Frank Chalmers, magnetic Maya Toitovna, radical socialist Arkady Bogdanov and Hiroko Ai, the Japanese green, are among those who set out to face mankind's greatest challenge and change for ever the history of the human race.

Their mission is to work together to terraform a frozen wasteland with no atmosphere into a new Eden. But before any of the team even sets foot on their new home factions are forming, tensions are rising and violence is brewing: before they can achieve their dreams the new Martians must struggle against their own self-destructive instincts.

'Red Mars' is a gripping study of the human condition and what it takes to create a new world and a brand-new society. The intricate, compelling narrative, the technical detail and the huge cast of believable and flawed characters combine to make this science fiction at its best: a tale steeped in human truths, the development of myth and a love of place that is utterly convincing in its insight into a future that could be ours.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2001
130 x 194mm

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