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    Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition

    By: Shun Dar Lin

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    Step-by-step water and wastewater calculations-- updated for the latest methods and regulations

    Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water, groundwater, drinking water treatment, and wastewater engineering. The solutions presented are based on practical field data and the most current federal and state rules and regulations. Designed for quick access to essential data, the book contains more than 100 detailed illustrations and provides both SI and U.S. customary units.

    This up-to-date environmental reference contains new and revised information on:

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maximum contaminant levels for public water systems and protection from waterborne organisms

    Membrane filtration processes

    Clarification systems

    Ultraviolet disinfection


    SNAD--simultaneous partial nitrification, ANAMMOX (anaerobic ammonium oxidation), and denitrification

    Membrane bioreactors

    Lake evaporation mathematical models

    Comprehensive coverage includes:

    Stream and river sanitation

    Lake and reservoir management

    Groundwater regulations and protection

    Fundamental and treatment plant hydraulics

    Public water supply

    Wastewater engineering

    Macro-invertebrate tolerance list

    Well function for confined aquifers

    Solubility product constants for solution at or near room temperature

    Freundlich adsorption isotherm constants for toxic organic compounds

    Factors for conversion

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