Water: Pure Therapy by Alice Kavounas
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218 x 214mm
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Discover the power of water in your life:
- Drink your way to health, energy and beauty every single day
- Uncover the facts about what is really in the water we drink
- Learn which bottled waters are best for you
- Discover the delights of hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, and other spa treatments
- Read bout the benefits of water births
- Feel the healing power of water in your own environment

Return to the simple source of life with this holistic why, what, how and where of water: natural therapy for body and soul. Today's stressful pace, our fast-food diets - high in salt, sugar and additives - pollution and artificially climate-controlled environments all contribute to dehydration and tiredness.

This indispensable source book makes clear why water can dramatically improve your well-being. It explains your body's thirst for water, delivers the hard facts on what's in the water you're drinking, and helps you decide which bottled waters are best.

Water rejuvenates you from the inside out. Discover why your shower invigorates you, precisely how water can significantly improve your skin. Experience the elation of flotation and plunge into the thalassotherapy! The book explains how swimming shapes you, why a walk by the sea uplifts you, what benefits water birthing offers, and which spas will treat you beautifully.

This book guides you to healing waters and sacred springs, revealing the continuing importance of pilgrimage and ritual. Learn how Feng Shui can restore your spiritual and physical energy. Teach yourself what your body already knows: water is pure therapy.
Publication Date:
04 / 10 / 2002
218 x 214mm

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