Wealth Happens One Day at a Time

Wealth Happens One Day at a Time by Brooke M. Stephens

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Does a secure financial life seem to difficult to imagine let alone achieve? Does wealth strike you as an impossible dream? Whether you're living from paycheck to paycheck, or simply confused by the world of stocks, bonds, and brokers, it's never too late to change your situation. All you need is a little help.By spending just ten to fifteen minutes a day with this immensely helpful book, you'll discover that financial security is just steps away. Filled with the wisdom and advice of a seasoned expert, this year-old program for success shows you how to:change your attitude and change your lifebreak out of debt and control your spendingchoose investments and make your money growprotect your gains and prepare for a comfortable retirementgive your children or grandchildren a secure start in life and much more!
Publication Date:
25 / 01 / 2011

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